Praise For Beloved

"I wasn't aware of Steev and his talents until Danny Blume lured me into his world of song, and a compelling world it is. Attractive and groovy in many ways while also possessing an almost troubling current of raw insight and emotion, I am certainly better for having heard his music. I hope many others can find him and find time to listen."

-Nels Cline (Wilco)

“Beloved is beautiful: rich and generous.”

-Joe Henry (Grammy award winning producer and artist)

"I was involved early in the process - having heard Steev's songs when they were in their demo form: just piano and voice. I was immediately drawn to his songwriting - tuneful, great lyrics, and deeply soulful. It was great fun to be part of fleshing them out, alongside an incredible cast of players. I was so happy to hear those same qualities come through in the final production - through its many layers - a testament to the strength of the compositions, Steev's intuitively organic approach, and to his smart choices as far as the musicians he chose to help realize this record."

-Mark Orton (Tin Hat Trio and Scores for "Nebraska" and "The Good Girl")

"(Soren Song) possesses that rare combination of soul, skill, and a phoenix-from-the-ashes story that draws at your heartstrings and makes you smile and weep. We're making the record that must be made, one that will stand the test of time and provide inspiration, wisdom, and fun to people of all generations and walks of life for a long time to come."

-Danny Blume (Grammy and Juno award winning producer)

I listened and discovered a new soundtrack to this stage of my life...

I found myself listening to the anthem for We-The-Discontented-Who-Long-For-A-Deeper-Meaning.

Steev's music is the poetry made by a profoundly articulate soul.

-Frank Schaeffer (Best-selling Author, Director and Artist)

 "What can you say about a guy who believes in you, doesn't want you to be afraid and reminds us of that every day with his songwriting? Steev Richter somehow has made me feel like there's hope. That's pretty amazing. Thank you Steev."

-Jerry Marotta (Peter Gabriel/Paul McCartney)

“I had the pleasure to play some horns on Steev Richter's new record and i loved the tunes; full of soul! He is a sweet dude and would play again for sure anytime.”

-Ralph Carney (Tom Waits)

Steev approached me about 10 years ago to sing on "Seakeeper", a song on his latest release. I was thrilled to hear that the song would finally see the light of day. He then asked me to sing on a few other tracks, and, in addition to the stellar production and musicianship, I was amazed by the lyrics: the joy, the positivity, and most of all the weight given to the subject of love. Steev seems to understand love's transformative power and is able to express it without falling into kitsch.

-Tess Wiley (Sixpence None the Richer)